Dan and Jim Robbins, a Neighbor who Grew Up in Buxton

Dan and Jim Robbins who grew up in Buxton, Ontario.

Jim Robbins shared his experiences of growing up in Buxton and attending the actual school started by the founder of Buxton, Rev. William King.  Jim and Dan are seen exchanging books.  Jim’s mother, Arlie C. Robbins, wrote a history of Buxton called Legacy of Buxton.  As Dan and Nancy read this book, their knowledge of black history in Canada grew.  They were told that Black History is Canadian History.

Jim told Dan and Nancy that in the mid-1800’s, around the time that Rebecca, the hero in Railroad of Courage, arrived in Buxton, children in the school were taught Latin and Greek.

Dan asked Jim whether children were taught about the history of Buxton when he was growing up.  Surprisingly, Jim said no.  That was why his mother started recording oral histories and preserving the rich history.

Over the Labour Day weekend, there is an annual Black History event in  Buxton, an event Dan and Nancy hope to attend in the future.  

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