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What an important and compelling contribution they have made to the historical record and to the education of us all. This would have been a difficult book to write, both cathartic and purposeful, made even more potent and compelling given the coincidence in timing with the awful discoveries of the remains of all of these children…with hundreds more yet to come. Unspeakable losses, suffering and tragedy.  And Dan and Nancy presented so clearly how all that damage contrasted with their own youth, innocence and idealism . Their questions and calls for reform and change, along with so many others,  swept aside. We weep. And we mourn. We accept responsibility for all that needs to change… Henry and I committed once more to line up with others to push for action.  I would want Dan and Nancy to know that their words and their story of what they witnessed moved us deeply and stirred us to recommit to action.

Betty and Henry Muggah

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