Authors Make Black History Presentation to 750 Students at Ashbury College, 12 February 2018

Posting from Ashbury Week, 15 February 2018

“Often four-day weeks are even busier than usual, and this week was no exception. We started Monday’s assembly with an informative talk given by authors of the Railroad of Courage, Ms. Dyson and Mr. Rubenstein. Acknowledging that “black history is Canadian history”, the couple shared their fictitious story about Rebecca, a 12-year-old born into slavery in the southern states whose journey north was facilitated by the help of abolitionists, also known as the underground railroad workers. Also included in the novel was a reference to the Ontarian Buxton School, the first integrated school in North America where Blacks and Whites studied together. Before leaving, Ms. Dyson and Mr. Rubenstein asked how many students enjoyed writing. A surprisingly large number of hands were raised. Sharing their words of wisdom, the authors reminded students to “tell the stories that are inside of them.” We hope to someday see some of our young writers publish important works, such as the Railroad of Courage. Thank you to Mr. Uko and his committee of Junior School students for organizing this talk.”

Nancy Dyson and Dan Rubenstein made two presentations, one to about 250 Junior Students and a second presentation to about 500 Senior Students.  The authors wish to thank Asbury College for this opportunity.

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