Post on North Country Public Radio about Railroad of Courage

North Country Public Radio posted this notice under Regional News:

Books: “Railroad of Courage”
Post by Todd Moe (Weekday Morning Host and Producer) , in Canton, NY

Cover detail: Railroad of Courage, Dan Rubenstein and Nancy Dyson, Ronsdale Press, 2017

Feb 07, 2018 — A Canadian couple says storytelling for their grandchildren led to a new novel set in the 19th century during the time of the Underground Railroad.
The novel, Railroad of Courage, follows the journey of 12-year-old Rebecca and her family as they try to escape slavery on a cotton plantation to start new, free lives in Canada.
Todd Moe spoke with Dan Rubenstein and Nancy Dyson about their research for the book. Dan says his interest in the abolitionist movement and runaway slaves began when he attended school in an old upstate New York house which had been part of the Underground Railroad.’

Listen to the interview at:

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